Monday, 14 February 2011

A conversation with Vicky from Sewabee

                                          (Image above: handmade corsage by Vicky)

How long have you been working as an artist?
I only opened my business in September 2010 but have been building my sewing skills up for the past couple of years through courses at my local lifelong learning centre. I run my business alongside my full time job at Connexions.
Do you work with textiles?
Yes I work with all sorts of textiles, either creating items from scratch or adapting existing items of clothing.
How would you describe your work?
Eclectic! As I’m still developing my skills I try and do a wide variety of projects. Over the past month I’ve worked on a vintage corsage for someone’s wedding cake, a fleece for my son’s friend and a dress for me.  When we’ve got a craft fair coming up I work on hair bands, lavender bags, customised cotton shoppers, napkins and peg bags.  I’m constantly adding to my repertoire so that I’m challenged and learning new skills.
What is your inspiration?
Fashion is my inspiration. I love clothes and creating individual looks, sewing enables me to have items that are unique to me. It has also led me to embark on a yearlong challenge in order to raise money for Oldham Cancer Support Centre.  I am not allowed to buy any new clothes or accessories and I aim to wear a different outfit every day. The only concession to my ban is allowing myself to make clothes.
What materials do you use when producing your work?
All different fabrics, my favourite fabric to sew is cotton.
Do you use any recycled or renewable materials in your work?
Yes, I often work with material sourced from charity shops and I use other people’s cast offs.
What are your thoughts on ethical textile production?
My challenge is already changing the way I think about clothes, I used to be always in pursuit of the next new addition to my wardrobe but at the moment I’m revelling in my existing clothes. When the year’s complete I am thinking about restricting myself to only second hand purchases. I love the idea that a garment has history and often wonder what the previous owner’s story was.
Please check out Vicky’s exciting blog where she documents her year-long challenge to raise money for Oldham Cancer Support Centre.

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  1. A lovely interview. I was really interested to learn more about Vicky who's doing such stellar work raising money for cancer support. Congratulations!